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Proposal Concept Creation

If you’re not sure if you need full-proposal planning yet, creating a unique concept is a great place to start.

Coming up with the perfect proposal idea can be the hardest part of the entire proposal. How you be sure your idea is perfect? Will your partner be wowed?

We help create custom proposal concepts that are unique to your relationship. When you book with us, you will be given a questionnaire to let us know about your partner and your relationship.

Then we take what we have learned and create some proposal concepts for you to choose from. You will when receive the concepts with visuals.

Feel free to mix and match ideas from each concept to create your perfect proposal.

You can then take the concepts and plan it yourself, or you can hire us to do all the planning for you!

How it works

  • We interview you to get to know you and your partner

  • Our team brainstorms proposal ideas created just for you

  • We send you 3 proposal ideas to choose from

Proposal Planning: Event Services

Custom Proposal Planning

The moment you propose is one you will remember forever and the story you will tell your entire life. Let’s work together to make this a memory you will treasure forever.

We make sure to give you the proposal of your dreams without dealing with the stress that normally accompanies this amazing day. We will interview you to get to know your partner so that we can incorporate special touches that truly reflect your relationship. Then we create personalized proposal concepts for you to choose from.

Once you have decided on a concept, we bring your proposal to life! We do this by using our skilled list of vendors, finding your perfect location, and execute an exceptional proposal.

How we help?


We take your unique and special story to create a proposal that is literally made for you.


When you work with us, we take all the details off your plate so that you can focus on asking the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Planning a proposal is a huge undertaking. You need to think of the perfect idea, location, and vendors to help you pull it off. Hiring us takes all the stress away. If you have an idea, we will make it happen. If you don’t have an idea, we can help with that too!


Proposing to your partner can be a very vulnerable time. We are here to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have during this process to make sure your proposal is perfect.


Our network of vendors ensures the highest quality of service at the best possible rate. Our vendors are top-notch and have the experience to make your proposal a massive success.

Time Saver

Planning a proposal can be very time-consuming. You need to research and drive around to find the perfect location. You will need to find the perfect florist, photographers, or musicians and compare prices and packages. This can be overwhelming which is why all you need is our trusted vendors.

What you can expect?

  • We interview you to get to know you and your partner

  • Our team brainstorms proposal ideas created just for you

  • We send you 3 proposal ideas to choose from

  • We find the perfect venue and vendors (photographer, florist, musicians, décor)

  • We apply for permits if necessary

  • Our team negotiates rates and reviews contracts on your behalf

  • We shop for or source any decor needed for the proposal

  • We coordinate with all vendors, venues, and volunteers all the way up until your proposal is executed.


  • Day of Coordination – We will be there on-site the day of the proposal to make sure everything goes as planned

  • Post-Proposal Party – We will coordinate champagne for friends and family as well as extra time on-site or reservations at a restaurant of your choice.

Terms and conditions

  • If the event cost exceeds $8,000 my rate will become 20% of the total budget.

  • Available Daily

  • 10 days  notice required

  • Non- refundable if canceled less than 5 days before the proposal

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