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Top 5 Tips for a Summer Wedding

  1. Choose an Indoor/Outdoor location. Look for a beautiful ceremony or reception site that offers both indoor and outdoor areas for people to cool off from the heat if they need to.

  2. Rent A/C units if your wedding is in a tent. Be sure to rent high-quality, portable fans that you test out in a rental store. Great party fans run at a lower volume so everyone can hear the toasts and speeches.

  3. Choose an up-do hairstyle so that you won't lose your beautiful curls in the heat. But make it easy enough to take down for the evening.

  4. Chose your summer wedding flowers based on their water source ability. For Example, hydrangea's are lovely, but it wilts within minutes without a good water source. So, floral designers would advise keeping hydrangeas out of your bouquets or off your grooms' lapel.

  5. Remember to choose refreshing cocktail hour options along with warm options. For example, fruit skewers or mozzarella, tomato bites.

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