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3 Wedding Flower Trends for 2021

  1. White and Neutral Wedding Flowers

White flowers will make a big come-back in 2021, couples are going back to basics with centerpieces, bouquets, and other arrangments. A lot of couples are choosing the colour white represents balance and peace (makes sense after everything that happened in 2020). This look creates a bohemian and ethereal feel. This gives you the original look of a loose arrangement without the overload of colour that would come from the greenery.

Photo by Kerri Shaver on Unsplash

2. Statement Ceremony Backdrops

Smaller weddings and zoom weddings are here to stay -- at least for now. But that doesn't mean couples will be skipping out on the floral arrangements. In fact, over the top floral arrangements will be very popular this year. Because many weddings will have some people watching online, there will much more focus on the alter. Statement ceremony backdrops and or floral arrangements will be noteworthy for virtual weddings because of how well they set the scene for guests that are not physically present.

Image by ezequiasdejesus from Pixabay

3. Dried Flowers and Greenery

Dried Flowers were once reserved for rustic or vintage weddings. Now they are being used for bohemian, minimalistic, or event classic aesthetics. Dried lavender, baby's breath, or daises can be used to dress up your floral arrangements. These florals can also be used as special keepsakes for your guests and couple.

Photo by Katsia Jazwinska on Unsplash


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